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Electric Installation

In this field of study the trainee gets the art of electric installation. The training lasts for four months and includes the following activities:

  • Be familiar with the fundamentals and  characteristics of electricity
  • Recognizing and utilizing of electrical equipment
  • Knowing the rules and regulations of electrical installation and electric symbols
  • Understanding of the usage and volume of volt, transformer, electric cornets and circuit
  • Reading of electric plan
  • The skills of electric line installation

Major Customers


EMD has two kinds of customers; the trainees and service oriented clients.   The trainers are mostly young and change oriented individuals with different educational background ranging from elementary to degree level.  Whereas service oriented clients for finishing works includes:



  •   Commercial centers
  •  Private homes
  •  Halls and hotels
  •  Hospitals and schools
  •  Real states and condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Wedding halls


  Major Achievements

  • EMD is found in a good position through continuous improvements in training delivery system and satisfying our clients with quality works and affordable prices. The major achievement of the institution is the cultivation of skilled man power for construction industry which is booming from time to time. On the other hand in the field of installation the institution gains a huge reputation engaging with different clients and pleasing them with a worth value finishing works.