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Construction Finishing Works Level I (1)

Ø Objective of the course


The prime objective of this training program is to equip the learners with the identified competences specified in the OS. Graduates are there for expected to prepare technical drawing, apply bill of quantity, tiles poles and space, carry out mosaic and decorative tiling, apply quality control and lead small team in accordance with the performance criteria described in the Occupational standard.

Ø Content of the Course

*      Carry-Out Measurements and Simple Calculations

*      Use Construction Hand and Power Tools

*      Read and Interpret Plans and Working Drawing

*      Perform Bench Work

*      Prepare Surfaces for Construction Work

*      Set out Profile Set-up for Building Works

*      Carry- out Chiseling works

*      Apply Internal and external Plastering

*      Apply Float and Render Plastering Finishes

*      Lay Smooth and Rough Cement Screeds

*      Prepare Surfaces for Painting and Decorating

*      Apply Smooth Finish Paint by Brush Roller and Spray

*      Apply Quality Standards

*      Work With Others

*      Receive and Respond to Workplace Communication

*      Demonstrate Work Values

*      Understanding of Entrepreneurship

Ø Requirements of the course

*      Grade 10 or 12 Completed or Above

Ø Duration of the Course

*      One Year

4 Electric Installation


In this field of study the trainee gets the art of electric installation. The training lasts for four months and includes the following activities:


Ø  Be familiar with the fundamentals and  characteristics of electricity


Ø  Recognizing and utilizing of electrical equipments


Ø   Knowing the rules and regulations of electrical installation and electric symbols.


Ø  Understanding of the usage and volume of volt, transformer, electric cornets and circuit


Ø  Reading of electric plan


Ø  The skills of electric line installation





Sample Electrical Installations